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Spring Trends for Nails

A few months ago, I started to gather all my notes for spring nails look for my salon, I decided the spring color for this year is "CORAL". I know, you will be like " Uh, Why that color? " Here is my answer for you "as we all know, our customers alway our first priority and our #1. And yes, we listen to all their feedbacks and opinions, that the important part to make your business better and better with time. BUT when it comes to colors, as a salon owner, you have to know exactly what you doing.... Im not talking about "the right way to polish" or "how you suppose to hold your nipper". Nope! "Its the SKIN TONE" is what i'm talking about here, you got to know a basic knowledge of SKIN COMPLEXION. Like you know, not everyone can wear NEON PINK, and not all people can wear NUDE, RIGHT !!! Therefore, when it comes to pick out color, your job is very important here. Trust me, you don't wanna take it off and redo it again not because your customers don't like it BUT because it doesn't look nice to you. DO YOU AGREE WITH ME? Also to save time and help the undecided customers pick out a neutral color that could goes with everything in the spring, why not right? There's more to talk about..... but i would like to stop here and answer your question before you get bored "So Why is CORAL? simple because it looks great on most skin tones. It's a little bright but not too much." Trust me, you can never go wrong with that. For this spring, I recommend shades such as OPI Are We There Yet (old trick but as long it works, its a good trick) and Essie Carousel Coral or any color that in the same family of CORAL. Hope you like it.

Ailey R.

Next post, "Favorite SHAPES for this Summer" and WHY I CHOOSE IT? Coming soon....

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